18 Replies to “How to get wires to stop tangling.”

  1. I did this with the cables behind my tv.

    When I went to replace an electronic it was hell. You can buy a roll of 50 Velcro cable ties for about the same price as a pack of zip ties.

  2. use velcro, if you do this in any professional setting your IT person would(should) murder you. This is a terrible how to…

  3. Zipties are useful though. My brother was a mechanic in a larger shop; they had an annoying apprentice who liked to play practical jokes where people and things got hurt, so him and Mr Meehof his coworker ziptied the guys ankles and wrists together and then ziptied those together behind him and threw a cutter in front of him and went on break. Repercussions happened but he didn’t get fired.

  4. What’s the point of tying them this tightly but separating them just a wee bit? Simply bind them all together with one zip tie. Cables managed!

  5. I worked as an IT supervisor for a fairly large team. One of my technicians decided to tidy up his desk like this, except he used this method for every single one of his cables, every 6 inches or so. He never asked for permission to do this or told me that he did so. Cue Christmas Eve, where I went into the office to complete some desk moves while nobody was in the office…. It’s been years and I’m still livid.

  6. I used this to run new fuel lines in a vw golf. Works pretty fucking great for more permanent applications.

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