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  1. This is great if you are ever kidnapped by Marv and Harry from “Home Alone”. Who would ever tie a person up that way?

  2. Reminds me of how I take off my bra on the drive home from work every day while keeping my top on.

  3. This works as an outstanding party game.

    Take two people – preferably people who will be uncomfortable, but not painfully so – and tie 2 feet of string to both wrists of one of them, then tie 2 feet of string to both wrists of the other, but passing the string *inside* the string of the first.

    Then tell them – truthfully – that they can disconnect themselves without untying the knots, and that in fact that is what they have to do.

    The fun they will have and everyone else will have, trying various contortions and yoga poses while trying to figure out how they can do it, is great.

    Then, if you wish, take them to another room and show them how they get out by passing the one person’s string inside the loop on the other person’s wrist, over the hand and under the loop on the outside of the wrist.

    Then you go back into the main room and they will tell everyone else that it’s true, you can get out without untying the knots, and you can do it again with another couple.

    Fun for all.

  4. That’s right: Keep your friends close with a single piece of rope.

    And more slack is more chance of escape!

  5. Hmmmmm this will be useful if I ever end up attached to a bed with a double rope mechanisms for some reason

  6. When would you ever use this in real world application? Even if you were tied up, who the hell ties people up like that…

  7. Who would ever tie someone to a bar using two ropes? This is a how to escape something no one will ever put you in. What’s next? How to escape an unlocked house?

  8. I do things with my students in one of the first days of school. Give each kid a rope, show then how to connect, then tell them the rules (all loops just remain on wrists, please do not cut or break my rope) . “Alright, here is your first problem to solve in this class. Seperate yourselves” every now and then I’ll get a pair who figured it out on their own. Otherwise, it’s a fun bonding few minutes.

  9. It’s called the Russian escape in the Ashley book of knots. I even have a tattoo of it. The illustrations are amazing in that book

  10. there are a lot of string puzzles that work exactly the same way.

    for those of you who don’t get it, just pretend there is no hand there. the rope is tucked into the loop to bypass the hand

  11. At first I thought wut the fuck kind of camera trickery !??
    And then I was like oh wow that is incredibly simple… Your just passing it through the wrist loop

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