4 Replies to “Am I tightening this belt correctly? Its on my shoe and slowly loosens when I walk.”

  1. part of the issue is the D rings have too much play in the loop.. they should lay against each other, not one over the other like that when tight. But yeah.. you are doing it right. They just aren’t really made for something that will be flexing on and off like a shoe, as constant drag against the lower ring is what keeps the belt tight.

  2. Yea i use a belt like this for my work pants. I’ve had dress sandals and what not with straps like that before, though. I hate them.

  3. Double D ring fastens best when the end isn’t moving around freely. Try to fasten it “backwards”, and the loose end will be behind instead of in front, which will help with some of the movement causing it to loosen.

    By “backwards” I mean instead of starting off by bringing the loose end under the rings then through, away from your body, do the opposite: bring the loose end over the top of the rings, then down through the hole towards your body. Then split the rings open. Go over the first and under the second (just like you normally would), and synch it down.

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