Branding, marketing and portfolio for freelancer/sole proprietor


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Branding, marketing and portfolio for freelancer/sole proprietor

Hi folks,

I’m an engineer and software developer in the VR/AR space, with background in electronics. Recently, I jumped into freelancing in VR/AR development and I’ve been quite enjoying it. At the moment I’m well employed, but all of this has come through close contacts. I’d like to make my work/brand known to a wider audience. I have a lot of content and experience but I’m not great at getting it out there.

I want to reach to you folks to get advice on how to create simple and compelling branding/self-promotion for my freelance business. I forsee creation of a website, a clear structure for consistent social media posts and outreach, improving my presence on existing platforms like LinkedIn, etc. At the moment I have a decent linked in profile, a logo, and put out the occasional social media post 😄

I have done some looking around at professional services for branding and marketing, and the options are quite vast. That said, I’d love to hear about your experiences, and perhaps what services you might recommend that would be well suited to help me achieve this goal.


Branding, marketing and portfolio for freelancer/sole proprietor

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2 Replies to “Branding, marketing and portfolio for freelancer/sole proprietor”

  1. Hi Richard- first I need to know who exactly you are selling to. Who is buying your services and WHY!

    Then we can develop a marketing strategy and figure out the best tactics to achieve your goals.

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