Business checking account?


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Business checking account?

Hey there! I’m starting my own nail polish company and I don’t know if I should open up a business account with my bank (BofA) or use something else? Any help would be great (and very needed)!!

Business checking account?

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7 Replies to “Business checking account?”

  1. I think any time you are shopping rates for loans or credit cards, check lots of banks. But for simple checking, I would do whatever is easiest. No matter what the bank, dont get roped I into extra accounts that you dont need. Their sales teams were incentivized in the past to get customers to open lots of accounts, you probably only need one, maybe two. Just learn to say no, then go with whatever bank you like the app for.

    You can also do 99% of everything needed online, which should save some time.

  2. I opened a business checking account at BofA earlier this year. I already had a personal checking account. It’s been fine so far.

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