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I’m in the process of setting up my first single-member LLC in Vermont for a small videography/photography company. I’ve filed my personal taxes myself for years and have a good grasp on legal and official type documents and have done a good job of getting the Operating Agreement, etc. Where I get totally lost however is once I start looking into the sales tax piece. First of all, I will be selling products such as photos on a website that will collect and remit sales tax on my behalf (like eBay), so I know I don’t have anything to worry about there. However, if I were to sell on my own website, in person, or in another way where the sales tax is not collected for me, I will have to file with the VT dept of taxation. If I can avoid doing these types of sales and strictly sell on the third party site, should I avoid registering with the dept of taxation? If I register with the department, and I don’t have any sales where I’ve personally collected sales tax, do I still have to file a sales tax return quarterly? I would expect to have between $100-$500 of sales per month, with $500 being at the very, very most. Last question if anyone has a thought, if I am contracted to create a video for a company, should I be charging sales tax? If I charge a flat rate, will I have to count that total toward the sales tax return? If that is the case, I will guess that there is no way to get around filing with the dept of taxation as videography will be my main source of income for this LLC.
Edit: I am only referring to services/ products sold in Vermont. I will sell to other states by an online Marketplace (which will collect sales tax for me) only.


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One Reply to “FIRST LLC HELP! Sales Tax!”

  1. Yes, you need to register with the state, even if you only sell on third party sites. Yes, you would file a zero sum sales tax return in that case.

    Yes, if the business is buying physical items from you, and they are the end user, then you collect and remit sales tax from them too.

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