How to put a duvet cover on?


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I’m 14 and my parents aren’t very good at explaining things and I can never do it the way they show/tell me, and I’m trying to change my bedding but I don’t know how to properly put a duvet cover on. I know this is probably a stupid question and I’m not sure if this is the right subreddit but I need some help.

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37 Replies to “How to put a duvet cover on?”

  1. * Turn it inside out and lay it flat.

    * put your arms inside the inside-out cover and use your left hand to find & grasp the bottom left corner of the cover, and your right hand to do the same with the bottom right corner of the cover.

    * Keep holding them, but now grasp the left corner of the duvet with your left hand too (so that you’re now holding the duvet cover corner with the duvet as well). Do the same with the right hand.

    * You’ve now got the duvet and duvet cover corners paired up. Still holding the corners tightly, lift the duvet and shake the duvet cover so it falls over the duvet.

    * Once it’s about 3/4 down, you should be fine to let go of the corners and help it down the rest of the way, making sure the other end corners go in the corners of the duvet.

    * Button or snap it closed, then hold the corners and give the whole thing a good shake to ensure it’s flat and fine.

  2. Hey everyone else explained my method of choice (burrito). But I just wanted to say cheers to you for figuring out a way to get this info and not giving up.

  3. I usally find the 2 corners of the duvet, mach them on the inside of the cover, stand on the bed and shake untill its lined up neatly! Its easier for me to stand on the bed and shake the duvet since im not that tall. It takes less time as well.

    Plus tip: changing the pillow cover 1 a week can be helpefull against acne! Imagne the amount of sweat and dead skin cells that hoops up during 1 month!

  4. I know there’s a fancy way, but I totally enjoy climbing inside and yanking the comforter behind me. It’s way more fun that way!

  5. My method is to lay the duvet cover flat on the bed, then put the duvet in one corner at a time. I use clothespins to clip each corner in place. Then I shake it a few times until the duvet is flat and in place, then get rid of the clothespins!

  6. I always choose the hard road.

    I grab the comforter and literally crawl up inside of the duvet cover. Get those far corners where they belong. Now climb out. And make sure the last two corners are where they belong.

  7. I usually stick one arm in the cover and pull it down until my hand is in the corner, then I take the corner of the duvet put it in, hold the corner on the outside, bring my arm outside and pull the cover down then do the same on the other side.

    I’m a pro at folding fitted sheets if you need a hand there too.

  8. I don’t use these but can’t you just turn the duvet cover inside out, lay it down, lay the comforter over the cover, roll it all up from the non-open bottom to the open top, pull the opening over the roll and unroll it?

  9. I was like 24 when I learned. Lol so this year basically. And the Rachel Ray thing someone posted changed my life. So easy and quick. 🙂

  10. Here are a few simultaneous examples. [Lou Sanders](, on the left, is best, but Sandy does pretty well herself. They don’t really show the full process though. I never even knew such a thing as a duvet existed until well into adulthood. I don’t really understand the point of a cover for your covers.

  11. shove the whole blanket inside the cover, but hold on to two adjacent corners, line the corners up with in the corners of the cover and grab on to it from the outside while you flap it all around a few times and the blanket inside will fall into place more or less. Finish up by lining the other corners at the far end of the opening, go back to grabbing the two corners and continue to flap it around until everything’s straightened up

  12. I bought a French flanellette duvet cover which doesn’t have poppers, buttons or a zip. At the bottom it has a tube shaped opening, which you have to fold back on itself to insert the duvet through a two foot gap, this is great because once the duvet is in, it’s not going anywhere but if like me, you have a super king duvet cover it’s like trying to plait fog!

  13. Turn the cover inside out. Stick your arms inside and grab two corners of the duvet through the cover and then shake it to work the cover over the duvet. Once it’s about half way on, it’s easier to just pull it down the rest of the way from the outside.

  14. I’ve heard of people basting the corners together with a needle and thread.

    My wife once took the cover of a futon couch mattress to wash it.

    Never again, she said.

  15. Am I different.? Or crazy.?…
    I’ve never used a duvet cover. We just use a comforter.
    What’s all this about a duvet and a cover for it.?? Maybe I’m not “uppity” enough.

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