My partner is driving me nuts


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My partner is driving me nuts

Hi, so I have this small business idea that I shared with a friend and we decided to collaborate. I’m very open to her ideas and often agree with her. So, we discuss everything thoroughly, I take action based on that and a couple of weeks later she just suggests another way or insists on taking another direction.

I explained to her that, while I would have agreed with her reasoning if she presented it early on, I can’t scrap stuff mid way while I already started which would delay everything even further. Not with the man power I currently have.

We also agreed to sell on Etsy and use our website just as a tool to talk about ourselves and include links to etsy because we don’t have too much budget to give website any visibility. After I paid for a plan with wix and started the design, today she texts me “I’m thinking of spending my day designing the website so you can focus on other things. I know you already started something but I think best is shopify. What was your platform? So I can try to design.” I understand she’s trying to help but I already explained to her my strategy 2 weeks ago and she said nothing. And now she wants to do things her way I just get frustrated.

Don’t get me wrong she’s the same with her own ideas too. I asked her to pick 2 photos to post on insta. She picked 2 photos of same product so I asked if she’s sure. And when it was time to post she changed her mind and started scrambling for an hour to find a new photo.

I can’t work with this level of inefficiency. What can I do to avoid from this in the future? Please help.

My partner is driving me nuts

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4 Replies to “My partner is driving me nuts”

  1. Either buy her out/get her out of your business or establish specific roles as to who can make final decisions. It sounds like she’s a great ideas person but a bad decision maker. I’d clarify both of your roles so you can be on the same page and have efficiency. If you want an efficient company and she is your main partner -she may not be the right person if she won’t allow a smooth decision and execution process.

  2. The biggest mistake I made was get in business with my best friend. Now we are not best friends anymore. Having a spouse or a friend as a business partner is risky. If not handled the properly, you will ruin your business as well as your relationship.

    Im in the same boat as you. My priorities are totally different than my partners’. First of all he is too lazy and I’m too proactive. Then, he is not focused on one thing and wants to try out every strategy instead of focusing on one. Whenever I come up with an amazing plan, he simply agrees to do it and never takes any action on it.

    Thats why I have decided to do my own thing other than our business. So my primary business is with him but I have a second side business going along for myself. And I have sworn that I will never ever have a partner in business again.

  3. I’m a little confused…you’re trying to start a business and you’re letting someone else make decisions? That’s not a business, that’s two people working to screw one thing up royally. You really need to talk to this person and say “hey look, I really appreciate your input so far, but I want to take this in a different direction and we’re not on the same page, best of luck”. It’s a tough conversation but you really need to have it.

  4. Here’s a playbook:

    1. Figure out a priority list i.e where on the list diff activities belong. This can be flexible depending on the situation. But you want this to be more or less firm.

    2. Spend time on planning and brainstorming. Ask if it actually makes sense rather than agreeing to please each other. Why are you planning to do what you are about to do? Research the area well before deciding what it is that needs to be done. What are you hoping to get out of this activity?

    3. Once a decision is made, do it. Don’t wait for new information. Block a time-frame to do it in. Don’t go about changing course midway. This is called a sprint.

    4. Assess the results. Did it work? What could be improved? What needs to change?

    Talk to your biz partner and come to an agreement. Execution indecision must be dealt with early on. If either of you can’t actually execute what you decided you would then you need external help. Make a call in it and bring in help. You obviously can’t be an expert at everything.

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