Pricing structure for graphic design business


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Pricing structure for graphic design business

Small business owners – do packages generally sell better than hourly work? I have a small graphic design business that has morphed into social media-specific assets. My clients are mostly requesting custom social / email templates. I usually quote them for hourly work, but I’m wondering if creating packages and pricing them at tiers would attract more customers. I’m finding a lot of people don’t know exactly what they want. Small business owners of reddit, would you be more likely to commission hourly work or buy a package outlining deliverables (e.g., 6 custom content templates in 2 colors and 4 sizes each, 2 versions of each -$300). TYIA!

Pricing structure for graphic design business

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6 Replies to “Pricing structure for graphic design business”

  1. I’m definitely looking for flat rates for a project because I don’t know how long this type of stuff takes, so I’m afraid of giving a brief and getting my budget blown out.

  2. I think it makes sense to offer a couple of packages. As long as you have a templated repeatable process, you know what your time investment will be, so you can offer fixed prices confident that you’re not shortchanging yourself. In terms of how you present it, list the capabilities it gives them, like emails that work on Outlook, iPhone, Yada Yada, yadda, newsletter template, social media profile, etc. As you say, they don’t know what it is they need. They do know what they need to accomplish, so speak to them on that level, less technical, more practical. That doesn’t meant you wouldn’t also offer custom work outside the packages at an hourly rate.

  3. I’m a small business owner and would go for the package over hourly fee. I have no idea how long things take and so a package makes more sense

  4. I’m a graphic designer & do a lot of social media content for other small businesses. I charge an hourly rate and I give the client an estimate of how many hours I expect it will take me.

    I also get the clients budget & do my best to keep within that amount. When I get close to maxing out their budget we have a conversation about how many more hours of work & I let them make the choice to keep going or pause. And of course all of this is laid out in my services contract.

    None of my clients have had a problem with this method.

    In the past I tried to create packages but found it did not often work in my favor & I grew to resent projects when I didn’t feel appropriately compensated.

  5. Lots of small companies are uncomfortable with the ‘blank cheque’ aspect of hourly work. Create a package, and in your template set it up so that you can quickly modify it for the given client. This *should* allow you to charge, say, $200 for logo in three resolutions, an email newsletter template suitable for mailchimp, a photo/graphic adusted for facebook banner page…


    Having a known fixed cost for this is an easier sell, and will also encourage word of mouth.

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