Start up anxiety


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Start up anxiety

My partner and I are creating a startup (waiting on 501c3 paperwork from the IRS) that would deal with Human Trafficking in the State of New Mexico. I’m currently in the process of writing a business plan and am looking at the option of paying for software to do this. If anyone has any suggestions or experiences with purchasing business software, I would love to hear it.

Start up anxiety

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3 Replies to “Start up anxiety”

  1. I know this has the general tag but it’s a little too general to answer. What software are you looking for feedback about?

  2. Are you looking for the software specifically for this business plan or will it have other uses? Ours was built in basic MC office primarily in word & excel and we had no problem with our approval. It just took a little time (as expected).

    It looks like liveplan has some decent stuff, and it’s not too pricey… I’d never heard of it and just watched some of their vids. If you’ll be using it for day to day stuff sure, but if your primary concern is just putting together your plan and applications for various Federal / State nonprofits needs it may be a bit over kill.

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