What is it called??? Packaging question:)


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What is it called??? Packaging question:)

Packaging question:
From an industrial/ factory standpoint, what is a products carrying case called (classified as).
For example a sunglass case. It’s not first contact packaging (it comes in a bag or bigger box), but the sunglass case itself is part of the product.
What’s it called, how can I get them made custom!!!

What is it called??? Packaging question:)

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4 Replies to “What is it called??? Packaging question:)”

  1. Are you asking so that you know what to call it to search for the right supplier? It’s hard to say in general as industries or even individual companies have different lingo (for instance, in foodservice manufacturing, we call the master shipper case various names like:

    – Master shipper case
    – Case
    – Carton

    But when buying supply, we have to look for “corrugate” and specify the style we need before even looking into sizing and printing.

    By contrast, we might call the individual retail unit for a product sold at grocery as:

    – Pack
    – Bag/box/unit
    – Laminate (if that’s the material)
    – Poly (if that’s the material)

    But in order to find the item from a supplier, I might have to look for something like Paperboard or carton for the box, and “film” for the bags (since they come as a film on a large roll and are sealed in our plant).


    For custom sunglass cases, I think something like “unit packaging” or something with “enduser” might be a good general classification, while something more specific seems more obvious: “Lens case” or “Glasses case” or “spectacles case”

  2. You can just call it product case. Like, remember older iPhone’s earphone used to come in a plastic case. It’s called case only.

  3. I wouldn’t go for anything difficult in this case. Whether you want to search for a supplier or just need to call it somehow to present it to your customers, “custom sunglasses case” or “personalized eyewear case” should be okay.

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