Anyone else have experience enforcing a no mask no entry no exceptions policy?


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Anyone else have experience enforcing a no mask no entry no exceptions policy?

Our region has a mandatory indoor mask policy. But a simple statement of “I can’t wear one for medical reasons” gets you out of the policy.

While 99% of people coming in to my shop abided in the first couple months…the number has trended to 75-80% recently.

Groups of 6 people coming in together all with the same medical exception claim. Person after person not wearing one in my small shop. Coughing, sneezing, etc. People who have worn one for the previous 3 months every time they have came in now claiming they are unable to wear one.

And this is on top of yesterday’s announcement that we just hit our highest ever new case count in our area. While I don’t fear for myself, I do fear for my parents and family who help me out at the shop weekly.

It’s getting to the point where I’m feeling a little powerless and I’ve had enough of peoples lies. It’s been shown now that aerosol sprayed in indoor spaces is the easiest and most common route of transmission from person to person.

Written in to the mask by-law is the business owners ability to refuse entry to someone who refuses to wear a covering.

Have you enacted a no exceptions mask policy at your business? Has it hindered sales at all? Has it led to more conflicts/arguments?

I think I have made the decision in my head already but I just wanted to get some input before enacting it.

Anyone else have experience enforcing a no mask no entry no exceptions policy?

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5 Replies to “Anyone else have experience enforcing a no mask no entry no exceptions policy?”

  1. Even if someone has a legitimate medical condition preventing them from wearing a mask, you don’t need to allow them into your store without one. What you may need to do is provide reasonable accommodations.

    Offer to let them order online or by phone, and bring their purchase outside to the parking lot/curb. Even a valid medical condition is not a license to endanger others (you, your family, your other customers).

  2. I’m an emergency department nurse and paramedic. We have people claim these medical exceptions all the time for masks. Unless someone is actively in respiratory distress there is no medical exception, and if someone is chronically ill to that level they shouldn’t be outside.

    Ask them to put on masks once, tell them the second time, tell them to leave the third time, and if they don’t leave call the police to have that person trespassed. It works for a hospital, should work for small buisness, and it causes all sorts of conflict.

  3. I deal with this daily and it is a never ending battle of will. I say battle of will because that’s precisely what it is. It’s not a health or medical issue. Remember every person who takes it seriously are doing the right thing and wearing their masks PROPERLY. Everyone else (except for the careless “oops I forgot I’ll be right back” folks) are most certainly testing your resilience to enforce masks.

    If you don’t take a hardline stance on it, they will abuse the shit out of your aversion to confrontation. I have some people who seem to put more effort into slowly pulling the mask under their nose when I’m not focusing on them, rather than just keeping it on the whole time. It’s a childish game, and you need to be the stern parent.

    My situation may be different than yours, but I have masks for sale and I refuse to give them out for free. In my opinion, that only gives these people an excuse to not be responsible. Now if they can’t or won’t pay for a mask, I’m more than happy to help them outside. But if they won’t play ball, they’re not getting in.

    I’ve heard it all…
    “I can’t breathe”
    “I have an exemption”
    “It’s not a law”

    I simply do not care and they can see it in my eyes while I quite easily breathe through the mask that I wear far longer than they do. Remember….they are acting like children, and you as the parent have to show them that they can’t BS you with childish claims. And just like children, they may have a temper tantrum. Oh well little Timmy no cookie for you.

    You will lose sales, but you will also gain sales from those who appreciate that you are not rolling over. Take small pleasures in saying no to overgrown children, because a lot of them need the reality check and we in B&M don’t have many opportunities to justifiably put the bad apples in their place.

    I should note that of course, don’t be an asshole about it though lol. Treat them all with respect, but don’t let them forget for a second that this is your business and it’s your rules.

  4. Our stance has been if you can’t wear a mask for medical reasons, then we need to conduct business outside or over the phone. Honestly, we haven’t had a single person play the medical card yet. I’d say 95% of customers just come in wearing a mask. We ask the other 5% to put them on and so far everyone has complied. If they don’t have a mask, we can provide one. So far we’ve had a few groans and eye rolls, but nothing serious. If someone did refuse to put one on, I would absolutely ask them to leave. I’m not going to put my staff at risk. Also, our staff would probably walk out if we didn’t enforce a mask policy.

  5. one thing that others haven’t quite mentioned is you can still include these members 9f your customer base by designating a specific time per week for people to visit your store who cannot wear masks. masks can be optional for that hour or so. that way you aren’t exactly banning them, you can tell them to come back at that time

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