Customer Feedback Loops in a business.


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Customer Feedback Loops in a business.

So I’ve heard from multiple experts that feedback loops that indicate changes a business needs to make are crucial for growth. Many of the suggestions for creating these feedback loops included creating a survey. I’ve put together a relatively simple survey with questions I’d like to ask each customer after a project is complete.

Survey Questions:

Name: (optional)

How did you find us?

What did you think we did well?

Could we have done something different to make your experience better?

How likely is it that you would use us on another project in the future based on your experience with us?

Any other feedback that you’d like us to be aware of?

Thank You!

The above questions are what I’m considering including in the survey & I was wondering if anyone else has any other ideas or suggestions for the above survey.

Customer Feedback Loops in a business.

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2 Replies to “Customer Feedback Loops in a business.”

  1. If you have a lot of projects completing at quick intervals and a lot of the people on these are the same people receiving the survey, time after time, they may grow tired of the feedback and just not send it to you.

    That is something to consider.

  2. If it’s through email, I would also craft a thank you response template. It gives you one last opportunity to address verbatims, and ask for friend/family referrals

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