29 Replies to “I usually do more streetwear but here’s a dress I made for ball!”

  1. I used to do lots of fashion stuff in high school but went on to study something else. Now I make clothes for myself and just share them online, usually streetwear but something like this when necessary too. Please excuse the quality, the lighting wasn’t the best haha..if you like it feel free to shout me a like on Instagram too username raindrop_yue 🙂 (also posted to r/Fashion_Design)

  2. This reminds me so much of a dance costume I wore for a ballet recital several years ago that was gold and had a shimmery skirt like this. I love the color! It’s beautiful!

  3. Wow this is so awesome and I love the color! (How can a total noob learn to make clothes btw? Any tips?$

  4. It’s really nice, but I’d be interested to see it on the ball. Not sure the fit would be good on something that round.

  5. It’s so unique and pretty! I love how the shape and color looks with your necklace and it has nice textures.

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