I want to start a business but all I really like doing is reading and listening and checking on people


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I want to start a business but all I really like doing is reading and listening and checking on people

I see all these people making their own businesses and products and I know it’s not easy but I wouldn’t even know where to start. People in vest cerebral palsy Reddit keeps giving me these chump change get rich pyramid schemes. I’m tired of being swindled you know how many junk accounts are in my emails. I don’t even know what I’d start. Besides the interests I listed above. I only have the ability to talk to someone all day and have about 10 hours of sleep time. I don’t want to be rich. I will live with my parents and my little brother I am disabled I just want to have some spending money and ability to work from my mobile devices

I want to start a business but all I really like doing is reading and listening and checking on people

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13 Replies to “I want to start a business but all I really like doing is reading and listening and checking on people”

  1. I have a friend who did exactly this for a job. She sold herself as someone who was just there for people who needed someone to chat to, check in on, phone etc. She marketed herself to families who wanted peace of mind or wanted to buy some hours of company for other family members that they couldn’t always give enough time to.

  2. Freelance. Are you a decent writer? How about you write blog content at ~$.10 a word to start? It’s basically researching topics and writing content to help people’s website SEO. Places like Fiverr or Upwork would certainly make this easy to start.

    Read up on SEO. 10-20 hours of research should get you to be at least initially competent enough to write some mediocre blog content that will be worthy of making a few bucks.

    Improve your SEO writing skills and charge increasingly more. Should be something that in no time you can make $50 an hour doing.

    Maybe this then takes you into learning WordPress and making websites for customers.

    Maybe you learn adwords management and build/manage accounts for people.

    Maybe you manage Facebook, Instagram and other social media accounts for customers?

    All of this stuff can be done from home without ever even meeting a customer face to face.

    Don’t like these ideas? Head over to Upwork and look through the different categories of freelance jobs. All of these people on there started somewhere and have grown some pretty sizeable freelance gigs. Most of this stuff isn’t that hard to learn or get into, just takes some learning and practice to polish up your skills adequately before you start selling them to people.

    Maybe build a website on WordPress and see if you can rank some of your own content via SEO for practice.

    Plenty of REAL ways to “start a business” online that isn’t some pyramid scheme garbage that people are trying to pitch you on.

  3. What do you like reading, listening and talking about? Product research or sales might be a good starting point.

  4. You’ll want to find the value in those skills to sell to people. My first ideas are therapy or some other kind of consulting. Because of your disability, you might be especially effective at helping others with your same issues.

  5. Phone Sales? Lots of companies need it and it pays well and you can do it remotely. If you can read a script and deal with rejection you’re good to go. Your disability isn’t a factor whatsoever.

  6. I’m a consultant. Find something you are really good at, become an expert and then people will pay you for your opinions.

  7. My aunt has a business where she is a “life coach”. She goes on zoom and people tell her about the stresses in their life and she helps them navigate them. Though I’m pretty sure this is not very lucrative for her.

  8. Attention is money. If you think you can create content by either suggesting/talking about books, or listening to people on live consistently? That is a stream of income. Even though it’s not the stereotypical “business” it’s underestimated how much money having an audience can get you.

    Find your aesthetic or theme. Create a personal brand. Possibly a discord server. The main thing is direct people to your channels for more views. The main positive point in this idea is

    1. It costs very little to start (good mic, decent camera if you’re ok with people seeing you)
    2. Your viewer doesn’t have to pay anything (it’s free conversation, help, or someone to rant to!)
    3. It increases overtime. (as your views increase so will your revenue)
    4. There’s not much content like this existing. Based on what I’ve seen from youtube or streams.

    Plus you can re-use content on multiple platforms

    – Ad revenue from youtube

    – creator fund from TikTok

    – Sponsorships from instagram

    I love the other ideas too. It’s always good to have multiple streams of income. 🙂

  9. You can be a writer or a copywriter if you’re good at that. What are your interests. Many companies pay writers per word for articles and web content. What are you good at? Reading and listening aren’t really marketable skills.
    You’re right… it’s not easy starting a business. First… what are you selling? Will you be expanding hiring other people? Do you need office space? Are you familiar with laws and regulations or… have someone who does like a lawyer? Will you do all the accounting and taxes yourself or are you hiring an accountant?

  10. If you like listening, you might look into transcription. There are legitimate opportunities with a variety of companies, but you should be prepared for modest pay.

    EDIT: You’d still be running a business of your own, but you’d be working as an independent contractor for another company, most likely.

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