Looking to partner with Back-End App developer


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Looking to partner with Back-End App developer


I am looking to find a back-end to partner with me and my partner. We will be using react native and flutter for the programming of the app.

I already have a business plan set-up and have all the steps needed to start the development process except for a back-end app developer. I am a UX/UI designer and my partner is a front-end developer who has 5 years of experience.

Does anybody know where I could find a back-end app developer who would work with me for a cut of the apps profits with a small paycheck for helping out at the start?

Looking to partner with Back-End App developer

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3 Replies to “Looking to partner with Back-End App developer”

  1. What percentage are you willing to give up?

    I suspect having programming languages in mind for a job that you don’t/can’t perform doesn’t help, but why react/flutter?

  2. Before searching for a back-end developer, has the product idea been validated with your target market?

    Good back-end developers are usually comfortable and tied to well-paying jobs. I found going to them with some traction will increase the chance of getting a longer discussion and interest. I may be overdoing it, but I normally go to devs with an MVP app in hand to help them visualize what the product and company could be rather than just pure vaporware. Tangibility stands outs from the crowd of pure ideas.

    As a UX/UI Designer, you can totally design mock user flows in apps such as Figma (with hotspots and all) and load it up on your phone to help sell your idea, recruit talent, and gauge customer interest. These flows can be further refined before the front & back-end devs write a single line of code.

    Good luck!

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