Selling produce online


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Selling produce online

I’m looking for a website to list my business and start receiving orders to make local fruit and vegetable deliveries. Very similar to how one can order flowers through a website and that website sends the order to a local flower shop. Is there such thing for produce?
I have found a few companies that do this but they either work with farmers directly or sell the produce themselves (from my understanding). Thanks

Selling produce online

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One Reply to “Selling produce online”

  1. So to get this straight — you want to create a network / platform for produce delivery? Who are your sources? Farmers? Distributors? Grocery stores? Do these people have the infrastructure to handle deliveries?

    Widespread produce delivery services in place include Imperfect Foods and Misfits, which deliver second tier produce directly to consumers, and CSAs which are either grower run or aggregated by a local co-op.

    Unless your model is significantly better than either of those, or even Instacart, you have to come up with a really good value proposition to get people to participate.

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