Caught up in my own head (Suggestions)


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Caught up in my own head (Suggestions)

Hey guys, first time posting.

A little background – I’m 24, have a Mechanical Engineering degree, worked multiple jobs and internships and I’m not a huge fan of desk jobs/ corporate life. Definitely doable and I don’t mind doing it for a short time/ to save. I.e. my last position allowed me to buy my house/ Investment property I’m living in now.

That being said, I’ve always wanted my own business, but I think everyone does. I’m a lot more hands on and very visual, so I’ve toyed with the idea of brick & mortar or mobile businesses. Of course online business will take over in the long run but there will always be need for certain businesses (lawn service, pressure washing, home painting, etc.)

My dilemma is that since my girlfriend (serious relationship) will be going to dental school in 1-2 years, I feel if I build a business in this city (Orlando,FL), that I will have a hard time building it up and transitioning or selling it once we’re ready to move.

I’m not opposed to online businesses, but there’s so much BS on the interwebs of the “BEST” online businesses to start, etc, and it seems many are over saturated.

Honestly want to hear what others would do in my situation.

Caught up in my own head (Suggestions)

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