3 Replies to “How do I fix the corner of this fridge seal? When the frodge is on, ice builds up around the door. Help!”

  1. It appears to me the door itself maybe somewhat warped.

    hold the bottom of the door firmly and twist the door slightly until that portion of the door makes contact . it don’t require much force generally 15-20 pounds of force.

    I used to sell appliances and often new ones from factory would be slightly out of flat.

    This can happen quite easily from a child deciding to use as a swing.

  2. clean and dry, attach with construction adhesive or super glue. you will need a long bar clamp or maybe a ratchet strap to seat the seal while it dries after gluing

  3. Take off and rotate seal see if that helps some move the gap spot toward the hinge side or replace seal

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