Driving Sales – OTHER than Facebook, Instagram & Paid ads.


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Driving Sales – OTHER than Facebook, Instagram & Paid ads.

Hi everyone,
I own a small business that sells handmade chakra art, crystal jewelry, crystals, tarot card holders, spell jars etc… stuff that has to do with crystal healing/spiritual healing.

I have joined tons of buy sell groups on facebook as well as stay active with posts and hashtags on instagram – Tik tok isn’t my cup of tea unfortunately..

I am just wondering what other ways I can drive sales to my new website? I don’t want to spend too much money on ads as I already have lost a lot with google ads with no conversions..


Any help would be greatly appreciated

Driving Sales – OTHER than Facebook, Instagram & Paid ads.

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5 Replies to “Driving Sales – OTHER than Facebook, Instagram & Paid ads.”

  1. Try Pinterest. It’s far more evergreen than other platforms. As long as you’re using suitable keywords you can just pin images from your shop and wait.

    Much easier than having to produce new content.

  2. “Isn’t my cup of tea” isn’t a thing when you’re running a business. You have to do what’s best for business. I would try Tik-Tok influencers if i were you.

  3. Ranking on google is king so learn SEO. You should also be selling on eBay and Etsy because you’re missing out on a lot of sales if you’re not.

  4. repeat buyers is the cheapest way to drive sales. Also getting your existing customers to recommend you to people they know.

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