Helping pops in his business


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Helping pops in his business


I currently help my dad run his construction business. He basically runs all the jobs onsite and buys the physical material he needs for the jobs and is in the field. I used to work in field a few years ago but decided to return to school and got an easier part time job meanwhile. I live on my own and also run all the other aspects of my dad’s business. I opened the business, handle all tax, financials, contractor’s license, online marketing, etc. I order all major material that is to be delivered onsite and things like that, sending invoices, etc. My dad just pays me like every 3-4 weeks, with a random check. Like different amounts every time. Like whatever he thinks I deserve for the week even though he does not know half of the work I perform for the business. How much should I be getting paid approximately. I feel that I might be better off just letting him find his own business management services elsewhere because I put all my time into his business but am paid like $250 on month, $500 on a good one. I use my own laptop for all his work, and when it has failed I have to pay to fix it by myself even though it’s basically his business laptop since that’s all I use that one for. What do others who this this kind of similar thing get paid by your parents? I think I’d rather spend my time with more school classes to my schedule than this. I want to help the guy but I feel like he does not really value my work.

Helping pops in his business

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4 Replies to “Helping pops in his business”

  1. Well, we are in a same situation here. I actually don’t get paid when I work and research on what needs to be done for our business because of the reason that the business is in loads of debt that needs. My mother insists that she will pay me if there are gained profits from our business.

    Our small business is actually being run for almost 60 years now and my grandmother passed the business (with a lot of debt) to my mother. We haven’t really had a website yet and e-commerce here in the Philippines is yet to grow because the market here is still skeptical about the world of ecommerce.

    Don’t think that your not being compensated enough for your work. I mean, he is your father after all just think of it as a gratitude or gesture of appreciation because he raised you.

    Another good thing to think about is that you have this advantage and experience on what needs to be done on a small business because you have developed the knowledge for the foundations of a small business as you said.

    If you’re in college right now add what you did for your father’s business to your resume and a lot of companies will be interested in you because of the knowledge and experience that you gained for having the foundations.

  2. I would have a conversation, is he paying for your college? Room and board? Insurance, cell phone? All that comes into play i would think

  3. Why not track the hours you spend and discuss a rate of pay and get paid for the hours you work? I don’t know where you are so I don’t know what hourly rate. If you are doing all of the books I assume you know what the company can afford to spend for your services.

  4. Considering he made the decision to just leave it in I think you owe him a solid…

    Or just discuss it and either take a percentage or set a rate.. but he might forget about your ass around the holidays

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