How to start sleeping on my side?


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I have been a stomach sleeper for my whole life (for reference, I am 23 now). The past few months I’ve been having really severe back pains when I breathe, and I finally went to the doctor where I learned it was due to my ribs being twisted. I was advised to start sleeping on my side or back, because sleeping on your stomach is apparently very bad for you, so any tips would be appreciated!!

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2 Replies to “How to start sleeping on my side?”

  1. Try a body pillow in front and also one in back so you don’t have to drag it around rolling at night. Push it up against you and bring your knee up on it. Roll against it a bit. Should be holding you up but feel like you’re sleeping on your belly.

  2. Could you sleep with your back at the edge of the bed then wedge a bunch of pillows in front of you?

    Edit: you could also face towards the edge actually with pillows behind

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