IRS never cashed my checks


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IRS never cashed my checks

Here is a question around U.S. taxes. I’m a sole proprietor- I paid two payments to the IRS for my annual (anticipated) taxes in 2020 before I realized they weren’t cashing my checks. I have no idea where they put my checks but no one has cashed or deposited them. So, I didn’t make anymore pre-payments out of caution.. It seems like no one was in the office during the pandemic anyway. Has anyone else set the IRS money this past year and it’s like it never got received?

IRS never cashed my checks

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11 Replies to “IRS never cashed my checks”

  1. Always pay using the online portal. And if you don’t, make sure anything you send has tracking. I had to revise my 2018 return. Mailed it the last week of April. They told me they were behind and the processing time was 6-8 weeks. I finally got an acceptance letter 2 weeks ago, which means they’re actually like 7 months behind. Just pay online next time.

  2. It has been reported that the IRS has *millions* of pieces of unopened mail that they haven’t been able to sort through. I have not seen an update recently but at one point it was over 10,000,000 pieces of mail that were just sitting in trailers unopened. Just keep paying (or pay online as others suggested), and you won’t be fined.

  3. I mailed my check and amended return and it was cashed in less than a month. Maybe because I mailed it to Austin processing center?

  4. I would contact a CPA, as they would be the best to counsel you through this. I’m currently studying for the CPA (using UWorld Roger), and there are grey areas and lots of situations that occur in tax that need research. Also, I would contact your area IRS office, as they will be able to assist you further. They traditionally have walk-in times where they counsel citizens, prepare tax forms, and negotiate settlements. I’m unsure if they are open, though, because of the pandemic.

  5. Better take care of that… the IRS will show you no mercy when they realize they didn’t get their money.

  6. I’ve sent estimated payments this year and they always deposit them right away- cleaning out my bank account lol. How long ago did you send the envelope? I think you’re good as long as the postmarked date isn’t past due

  7. As long it is “envelope and check” have a date in which it was received. The IRS will use that as a stop point for interest on amount due.

    So if they are slow to open and deposit… that’s on them. Once deposited, they will rectify… you might have to hold them to it though. But they will come around.

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