Let’s talk about video links.


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Let’s talk about video links.

Hi crafters,

As a subreddit we don’t have any rules regarding video links, yet time and time again, youtube posts are overwhelmingly reported and I receive messages asking for video posts to not be allowed since they flood the new queue and clutter up the sub.

How do you feel about video links? Are quick clips, such as gifs and rehosted tiktoks, ok? Do videos have to show a tutorial? Can they show off a craft that has a dynamic element? What if someone posts a picture of their craft and then comments with a youtube/video diy tutorial?

For the most part, the reported posts are the videos that are spammed to multiple subs, with little to no engagement by the poster. But before a rule is made, we’d like to hear from you. If there are a lot of differing opinions, we’ll make a poll for users to vote on what they’d like to see.

Let’s talk about video links.

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12 Replies to “Let’s talk about video links.”

  1. I hate it. It feels like people are just promoting their youtube channel.

    I feel if you want to link to a tutorial, you should also have a written tutorial available. Maybe I will want to watch the video to get tips or something, but it’s not contributing to community, IMO.

  2. As a user, I really enjoy short clips that showcase a craft. There have been some really cool posts [like this one](https://www.reddit.com/r/crafts/comments/kczjqf/christmas_gift_for_my_granddaughter_that_combines/) or [this one](https://www.reddit.com/r/crafts/comments/g4k6eh/80_hours_crocheting_to_make_this_parasol_worth_it/). Basically a clip that shows how an element of the craft moves or changes or works. I don’t really look at tutorials here. If I wanted to learn how to make something, I’d search for it elsewhere, you know?

    One thing that might be helpful is allowing posts to have different flair. So youtube tutorials could have their own flair and then users can filter them out maybe? But like I said in the post, a lot of these posters spam their tutorials on a bunch of subs and don’t really engage when people ask questions. Why have these posts if it’s just a way for people to spam their channel?

  3. In my experience across Reddit, the YT videos have overwhelmingly been spammers trying to monetize their channels with any lame reason or click-baity stunt they can come up with. Some of their creators have already sort have gotten the idea they aren’t welcome since many are posting stills and then the YT link in comments. I feel the same about TikTok videos.

    I’m all for seeing them both eliminated from the site entirely, even though I know that’s not likely to happen. I’ve seen them take over some subs to the point that they’re now the only ones posting in them, and in others, they’ve completely killed the sub outright. I’ve stopped posting my own work in subs that allow them. I’m a mod in r/handmade, which is a strictly non-promotional sub and we don’t allow them at all. There’s an automod that catches them and disallows them to post.

    Very short poster-created OC videos, maybe under 30 secs, would probably be fine as long as they don’t also reach the point of abuse the YT videos have. At this stage, I’m so sick of all of these video posters as a group, I don’t even watch those, either.

    I don’t like the idea of just adding a flair as so many people in other subs I participate in fail to use them properly, if they use them at all, since apparently reading sub rules isn’t a thing for so many posters. How many people actually know that you can or how to filter them out? I don’t/didn’t.

    I agree with you regarding tutorials. If I want to find out how to make something, I Google it for myself so I can preview various and make my own selection as to which I prefer to use.

  4. I like seeing videos of crafts sometimes so a full ban on it I wouldn’t prefer. Making a video flair might be useful for people that don’t like it though

  5. Hello. I am the person who came to upload the video to promote the channel on YouTube. I agree that many people spam with their links to videos and I don’t like that either.
    posts with pictures of the project and then the yt link in the comments or….. I think it would be okay who wants to see will see.

  6. If a craft is shown, a link would be appreciated for those of us who like to watch the creative process.

  7. When I see them most of the time I ignore them. They do feel a little spammy or promotional, but I don’t fundamentally have a problem with that. I’m fine with them being allowed.

  8. I’ve discovered allot of wonderful artists in this group thanks to video links. Being able to watch people create art and discovering new artists is why I joined this group. I’m genuinely interested in watching people create. People should be allowed to show their tutorials and crafts. If this is a problem, then make a thread for people to post their tutorials and crafts.

  9. I love video links if they’re craft related. I love seeing tutorial videos and watching craft with me type videos

  10. Reddit crafts video links seem to be preferred by most middle eastern and Indian posters. I do hope I’m wrong in my assessment and hope that I’ll find my skin color represented here in images and gifs which I personally prefer (I still remember pickett the bowtruckle). And fwiw, the crafts in those links generally use paper – something that I can easily find/work with rather than resin, or exquisite jewelry or other initial investment heavy hobby. A mods job is never easy. I don’t know how much you get spammed. I don’t mind a screen grab in the title and a link in the comments. Most times I come to r/crafts to relax and fawn over people’s creativity. Love you all.

  11. I love YouTube video links if they’re craft related. I think if user can post their Youtube tutorial video they would be happy and will be more active in this subreddit. But quality video is important. Thanks

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