26 Replies to “ACN Business Training With RVP Mr. Byron Nelson 2014”

  1. No one makes money from this vile ACN scam except the very top of the pyramid! Look and listen to some of these slick presenters, they are parasitic vermin who prey on vulnerable and weak minded people. This is pyramid selling in its worst form. Your family, friends or any one else foolish enough to sign up are its next victims. Don't be one of them.

  2. I read someone noted MLM as a pyramid scheme! HAHAHA well work at your JUST OVER BROKE (JOB) and ill milk this kyani business opportunity. see you working in about 30 years fella. I am young I want to live life. BYE JOB

  3. its pretty much as stupid as the popup commercials from the sketchy porn or torrent sites, about how a lonely jobless poor woman earned 3000 dollars a day using the new crazy idea that nobody heard of before

  4. So at 35:22 – all those 2000 or so guys at the bottom…. why are they joining ? Aren't they being made believe that they will need to create their own 7 levels which will require over 3000 representatives – 2000 x 3000 = 6 million people just under this one guy at the top….. and that's just the representatives – where are all the customers going to come from to sustain a 6 million person organization – and that's just to support the orgainization of this one guy here!!!

  5. How much of this video discusses a product or service? Basically none. All it talks about is how to develop a pyramid organization of recruiters training and teaching other recruiters how to recruit. This video could be for any scam as it has nothing to do with what a particular company is selling or offering to consumers. At 35:00 you even see that the whole point of the video is to show the astronomical increase of pyramid style recruiting. NO product discussion. Nothing about about the telecom industry or whatever other services ACN supposedly sells. And THAT my friends is why these companies are indeed pyramid schemes. Because all they focus on is endless recruiting. To them, the fact that they actually have to try to sell and talk about a product or service is an inconvenience to the way they'd prefer to propagate their scam. At the end he says there is an amazing product that will come out in the future, which he says he has no idea what it is. Selling empty dreams and hope as the foundation of his pyramid scheme. Scammer!

  6. Any person that promotes a business using Gmail as their business email, and/or using a subdomain of a company for promoting their website, isn't a business owner. You are an employee.

    Any "business" that determines your income by the amount of "people" or "agents" underneath you should be approached with caution. Essentially, you are a subcontractor among many subcontractors that all promote the same services (as a cover) , whereas your primary goal is to get to the top of the "food chain", where all the downlines will upline to you. In my opinion, that isnt a business.

    Selling services in a saturated market is a bad idea. There are so many name brand, subcontracted companies, doing the very same thing, but with multi million dollar budgets. There truly is no way that competition can be beaten.

    Lastly, the money is in the MLM, and not the product or service they are offering. If they didn't attach a product or service to the "business opportunity", it would be illegal, and a scam.

    Honestly, I recommend that EVERYONE gets into this business, and as many other MLM business opportunities they can find. Take the experience you WILL learn from MLM, and use that knowledge to create a business you ACTUALLY own. That is what I did over 16 YEARS AGO, and I'll never look back. I've tried them all. It was the best (education/trial-by-fire) that I've ever received.

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