Do you listen to podcasts?


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Do you listen to podcasts?

If not then why?
As a small business owner I was wondering if you think it is beneficial for your time to listen to motivational and/or industry specific podcasts?

Do you listen to podcasts?

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3 Replies to “Do you listen to podcasts?”

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  2. Yes I listen to podcasts. No I don’t listen to motivational podcasts, but I do listen to industry specific podcasts.

    I feel like you’re trying to get info about whether your own podcast idea is worth it. Are you starting a motivational podcast?

  3. I do listen to both. I listen to them when I commute or do household chores, so there is no extra time commitment on my end. I have a few favourite motivational podcasts. Whenever I have a difficult day ahead of me, I like to re-listen to some of my favourite episodes.

    Being in the right mental state is so key in my opinion. Makes completing your daily tasks so much easier.

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