How many types of products in new Shopify store?


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How many types of products in new Shopify store?

Hi all,

For context, I’ve decided that I want to try and start my own small business and start an ecomm store on Shopify in the jewellery niche. I plan on buying stock and not doing dropshipping because of the insane shipping times and I think it would be easier and quicker if I just pack and post the jewellery myself.

Because I plan on buying stock I’m not too sure how many types of products I should be starting out with on my store. Ideally I’d want to sell rings, bracelets/bangles, necklaces and earrings and at least 4 styles of each. However, buying the inventory for this will cost me quite a lot of money and could probably cost upwards of AUD$1-2k, especially if the MOQ from the manufacturers are high.

Do you guys think starting out with only 4 styles of rings and 4 styles of bracelets/bangles (so technically 8 different products) would be ok? Or what would you recommend? Thanks in advance!

How many types of products in new Shopify store?

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  2. You are not asking the right questions.

    You need to be asking what sets yourself apart from the hundreds of other people using Shopify to upcharge jewelry. Is your source somehow niche or exclusive to you? Does it have a following, or can a following be built because of a niche aspect?

    You are assuming there is a market for the jewelry and asking questions based on that assumption.

    If you are sold on the idea, I would say start REALLY small. DO NOT BUY $1-2k worth upfront with no customer base, unless you are fine with wearing all of it.


    If you want some real advice, find a need and fill it. Don’t start with sales. If you start by trying to sell something you will never differentiate yourself from everyone else. Find a problem/need in your local market, then find a solution to it that people are willing to pay for.

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