29 Replies to “How to Open a Jar”

  1. Doesn’t this mess with the cap’s seal after words? Like it won’t seal as well cuz your bending it open .

  2. If this is you. Just tap the top with anything. I use a butter knife. Faster and easier light tops breaks the seal and it pops right off.

  3. Pro tip: put the jar upside down with the lid on a warm/hot surface for about 5-10 seconds ish. Opens more easily.

  4. That second move with the spoon is unnecessary. After the seal is broken, you’re good. The low pressure is what’s holding the lid down

  5. Running the top under warm/hot water for about 10 seconds opens jars/tight caps for me.

  6. I use the other end of the spoon on the little indented parts. Usually only takes one try, and the lid will come off easily

  7. I just lightly hit the jar lid a couple times on the edge of a counter while rotating the jar and it always opens easy afterwards. No tools or utensils necessary.

  8. Wtf. This is too much. Just tap with a butter knife on the edge of the lid. Break the seal. Open. Done.

  9. I googled how to open a jar and kept seeing the use of unnecessary tools. I don’t know why this was nowhere to be found. You just slide the end of the spoon under the cap, pull up, letting the air in and voilà! Btw you can close it safely afterwards, nor the jar nor the cap is damaged.

  10. Another tip…cuz sometimes the seal is proper tight so you will end up with a bent utensil…Bang the side of the jar against the counter or something that won’t be damaged. Lets a bit of air out and then you can open it easier.

  11. Not to brag, I’m just curious, but I’ve known this trick my entire life, can it be like a country-specific thing maybe? Because this is very “everyday stuff” for me and not a life hack at all

  12. Really: any spoon/knife thin enough to get under there will deform if you do this. Anything more solid won’t fit.

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