How to wire 8 solar panels together?


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I have 8 100w solar panels, a 60a charge controller and a 6000w 12v inverter that I am trying to wire to my DIY bus-rv conversion. I have 3 12v 100ah lithium batteries (also from renogy, and have to be wired in parallel).

Do I need to connect my panels in series, parallel, or series parallel? I have 7 branch connectors if I needed

The adapter wires are only 10awg, 10ft long. Is that too small? Is it too small if I cut them? They only need to be about ~7ft long

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4 Replies to “How to wire 8 solar panels together?”

  1. What is the open circuit voltage and short circuit current of the panels? How you wire them is dependent on getting them to the proper voltage for your inverter. For that matter what is the DC voltage input range for your inverter?

  2. I’m sorry I asked the wrong question. What is the voltage input range of the charge controller?

  3. Then you could either do 2 strings of 4 connected in parallel to the charge controller or 8 each connected in parallel. I would lean towards staying closer to the voltage you’re ending up at but it doesn’t matter too much.

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