My Box Truck keeps getting its catalytic converter stolen. Any ideas on how to better safeguard?


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My Box Truck keeps getting its catalytic converter stolen. Any ideas on how to better safeguard?

My Ford box truck has gotten its catalytic converter cut out for the second time. It’s parked at a business park that even has security patrol on golf carts.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to better protect it? Will an alarm system do anything?

My Box Truck keeps getting its catalytic converter stolen. Any ideas on how to better safeguard?

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16 Replies to “My Box Truck keeps getting its catalytic converter stolen. Any ideas on how to better safeguard?”

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  2. My cat was bolt on, 3 bolts..I installed a car alarm and ran a ground loop isolator to one of the bolts…when bolt was removed it broke ground and set off the alarm. It scared them off and I was able to reinstall bolt and set the trap again!

  3. We just had our lease management company email literally everyone about stolen cat issues just last week.

    If I were you I would honestly start by billing your property management. If they provide you the parking space, they need to be doing their job in providing a secure location. Removing a cat isn’t a quiet job.

    I would then park it where you can indeed get cameras on it, from say Ring. Motion detection and lights on an outdoor camera with notifications to your phone when it detects a human.

  4. If there’s security patrol, and that’s an expected benefit of your lease, they’re doing a horrible job. Sounds like you have some determined thieves who have figured out how to get around this security detail. I’d take up the security issue with your landlord/management company. If they have the time and opportunity to steal an already secured cat converter, they could easily break in somewhere.

  5. You are not the first person I am hearing this from. This must be an issue across the country. Without a camera security system where you can identify the culprits, I’m not sure how else you can protect yourself. Especially this since has happened twice to you. Best of luck…

  6. The vehicle is under your control, so you are free to modify and add enhancements as needed. A skid plate or wrapping something like barb wire around valuable parts can be a deterrent, tho you might not want to go so over board that regular maintenance is a problem. An alarm system to detect bouncing, noises, or even removing a part can be value able. Loud noises usually is enough to scare people away. More expensive versions can incorporate lights and even activate a calling/monitoring feature to notify you about it.

    Being able to record the incident will help with prosecuting criminals. You might be able to setup a Front Mount Camera off the rear view in the after market, as well as a rear facing one. This will likely catch anyone coming or going… but, it might be tricky to successfully activate and record all night/when needed. You might also try a hidden camera that can run over night without being targeted. It would be much better if you can find a pole or roof top to mount a streaming camera tho. But it sounds like you are in a tough spot, and the property manager is being unreasonable about your security needs.

    You can also talk with everyone else in the area and provide an online review about your experiences. Social Pressure can work in your favor, and as a group you might have the right amount of bargaining power to really do something meaningful.

    If you build up enough documentation with a pattern of criminal activity and the lack of actual security. You might have a solid ground for breaking a lease due to safety and security concerns. While this won’t fix the crime and parking issues there… it can help with finding a new place that provides a good nights sleep without the headache. If you wish to pursue something like this, have a lawyer review the situation and your options before getting tangled up in a legal matter.

    The easy solution is to just treat this as a whatever deal (assuming it’s not happening that often and all). It can suck, but it’s not worth your time and effort… and no matter the solution. There’s always going to be some bad apples out there, and life goes on…

  7. Nothing that is more economical than an addict on a mission… find insurance that will cover it? Ask police for extra patrols? Hardened titanium or ceramic would be more expensive than a new cat

  8. Might be that the security guard where you are is on the take! Sawzall’s aren’t exactly discreet. Similar to other comments here, I’d suggest finding a more secure place to park if possible, an alarm that is sensitive enough to go off if someone is working under the vehicle (and preferably notify you via cell when it does), and perhaps a gps tracker similarly with cell notification/tracking although you’d likely have to get a little creative in where to put it so it’s securely attached to the cat if you wanted to be able to track where it went. Otherwise I know there are GPS trackers out there that will notify you based on shock sensors being triggered…but that would be similar to the alarm if you’re not able to use the GPS to actually track the cat. Damn thieves! Easiest way to avoid them is to make someone else’s property seem easier to get to than yours.

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