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Help with coaching business


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Help with coaching business

Hi really appreciate this community and am excited to hear feedback. I’ve recently started an online coaching business and I need your advice.

I am struggle to market the business. I don’t want to spend any money on advertising just yet.
So I am looking for free ways to get potential customers on my website. I am open to suggestions

Ideally I want to target other businesses that need team coaching and also individuals who are industry professionals.

Please take a look at the website to gain a better understanding of what is on offer


Help with coaching business

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5 Replies to “Help with coaching business”

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  2. Start a podcast, start making YouTube videos to show your expertise and offer bits of help, start posting articles on LinkedIn.

    Also, your website isn’t great. It’s not horrible, but the home page doesn’t do a good job and wastes a lot of space. Before you do anything you need to improve the presentation of your services, credentials, descriptive and sales copy, and calls to action.

  3. I would imagine that your industry lends itself to networking and professional introductions. Also, just given the business consulting nature of it, I would think LinkedIn should be a foundational piece of your marketing. Posts to offer useful coaching nuggets that whet appetites, membership in professional networking LinkedIn groups, and strong leveraging of your personal network.

    I think the Podcast suggestion is great. On a related note, I’d see about doing guest interviews on related podcasts, as well as guest blog posts on related blogs with the right audience.

    A lot of community networking groups are hurting for engagement at the moment – you could look into offering a free Zoom webinar through your local SCORE, Chamber of Commerce, or business networking club as a form of marketing.

  4. Organic (free marketing) is the best way to go when starting out. Thanks to all social media platforms your clients are online right now. Start creating valuable content and answering your clients most common questions in this content. Point all of this content towards like a strategy or clarity call where you can sell your services to them – rinse and repeat daily 🙂 I have attached our youtube playlist with some more ideas. Let me know if they help 🙂 [](

  5. If you want real help with this then please go to YouTube and watch Sam Ovens’ videos. He puts a huge, huge amount of really high quality content in his channel for free.

    He has a Consulting Accelerator program that costs $1999 and you can save $500 by getting referred by someone in the program.

    To get people to get to your website you don’t need to start a podcast that nobody will see, nor recycle YouTube content 100 other people are already doing unsuccessfully. Learn from the best. You can just frequent Facebook groups and LinkedIn groups where your target audience is and start by developing relationships there who will turn to paid customers if your message resonates with them.
    Also, you don’t need your website to be better, you need your message to be better and make your leads want your help.

    This is not an ad and I’m not affiliated to him, it’s just true and I’m speaking from experience.

    Good luck 🙂

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