22 Replies to “How to make a ‘£’ symbol with this keyboard?”

  1. I have tried alt+ 156 and alt+ 0163 but both of these codes are not working.
    Currently on Windows10.

  2. Click Windows ‘start’ icon, type in character map to open app. Click on £ symbol in box and click on ‘copy’ to put into your clipboard. Paste into document.

  3. It depends on what region you’ve used for your keyboard at the OS level.

    What make/model is the laptop? I’d had a similar issue trying to use the backslash (\) on a Lenovo thinkpad with a US keyboard using UK region.

    Try some combinations of left-ctrl + left-shift + numbers, or left-ctrl + left-alt + numbers

  4. Change language to British English. The hash symbol will become £ when you shift#

  5. Set the keyboard layout to US International.
    The right Alt key will become AltGr and when pressed together with a number key will allow typing extra symbols.
    The £ should be AltGr+Shift+4

    Edit: AltGr+Shift+4

  6. Google £ symbol, copy and paste. Also could be in symbols on fonts or add symbol in word.

  7. It might be tedious but that’s how I do, install UK keyboard and type alt+tab then shift+3.

  8. You could use another symbol, something unique, as a stand in for the £ symbol, then when finished use the “find and replace” function and simply copy and paste it once

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