What is the best POS for consignment?


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What is the best POS for consignment?

I’ll be hopefully setting up a community bakery soon, and I need a POS that works great with consignment.

I need a system that will send daily emails to members of the community kitchen on what items of theirs sold that day.

Also, something that will automatically deposit or aid in helping keep me organized on what members of the bakery should be paid from their sells from that week, or month.

I’m hoping this will be a way for everyone to stay organized and on the same page, especially when it comes to the money I will owe them.

I’ve heard of apps like Airtable that will send emails when items are sold, however it seems limited on keeping money organized.

Anyways, any recommendations would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time if you took it to read my post!

What is the best POS for consignment?

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