Cancelled classes – 0 compensation


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Cancelled classes – 0 compensation

Gentlemen and ladies,

I conduct English classes abroad, and have about 15-20 classes per week. However, recently, many of my students are cancelling last minute due to various reasons. Generally, my students pay for each class at the end of each class – so when they cancel, I don’t receive any sort of compensation and I lose an hour I could otherwise be teaching someone else. What strategy could I implement to receive some sort of compensation for cancellations? I used to work for a school where If the student cancelled after 9.00am the day of classes, and no rescheduling could be established, they would pay the full amount of the lost class. I’m thinking something like that. Any suggestions?


lots of students cancel

I get no compensation

I’m good at teaching but not at admin

Wut do

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Cancelled classes – 0 compensation

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