“Deep Cleaning” Business?


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“Deep Cleaning” Business?

Hi r/smallbusiness,

I need help defining my r/smallbusiness idea. Recently, I have had the unfortunate opportunity to help clean a rental property after some pretty disgusting tenants (and a squatter) had left. To summarize quickly – My brother has a few rental properties, one of them was pretty much trashed by the tenants before they left. Then the place was then taken over by a squatter while my brother was out of town. Needless to say, the house was wrecked and needed to be cleaned top to bottom. The process included ripping up carpets, repairing drywall, throwing away furniture & garbage, cleaning with **many** chemicals, etc. Just to have the house ready and stagged for the potential new tenants coming.

Oddly, the satisfaction I got when we finished (the before & after) was enough to make me wonder if this could be a side hustle. Is there anyone in this thread that would have experience in this area? What type of business would this be considered? There are many “cleaning” businesses in my area and we originally looked to pay someone to do this but none of them would help us.

I have access to a truck with a long bed and a trailer already. Purchasing the chemicals to clean the floors and the walls, and possibly some odd tools if I don’t already have them, would be some of the start-up costs.

Looking forward to any feedback on this.

“Deep Cleaning” Business?

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