4 Christmas Stocking Tips to Help Mom Create Memories with the Kids

By Sylvia Junter

Moms everywhere understand the big part Christmas stockings play in
celebrating Christmas, including coming up with the perfect stocking for
each of their loved ones, choosing the fun toys, trinkets and treats that
go in each one, even where to hang them to ensure that Santa doesn’t miss
them when he visits Christmas Eve. Following are 4 Christmas stocking tips
for mom that will not only help her prepare the perfect stocking, but
create special memories with the entire family.

1. Why not have your children help you in creating Christmas stockings? If
your kids are still young, you’ll be giving them a wonderful Christmas
memory! There are two ways you and your children can make the Christmas
stockings. One, you can make them from scratch — you choose the appliques
and other embellishments. Two, you can buy Christmas stocking kits that
have all the supplies you need. Whichever option you go with, your kids are
going to cherish the stockings. They’ll serve as reminders of this year’s
holiday celebrations.

2. Any Christmas stocking wouldn’t be complete without fun candies and
treats that fill them up. After all what are Christmas Stockings for if not
to be bulging with goodies? Hand-wrapped treats give them a personalized
flair. When your kids dig in to their Christmas stockings on Christmas
morning, you can tell them Santa’s elves wrapped the treats for them.

Next step, picking the stocking stuffers to delight the recipient on Xmas

3. Pick stocking stuffers that will keep the kids busy all day. Playing
cards are always a favorite and will lead to hours of fun for the entire
family Christmas day. Another great choice are Mini Christmas themed
coloring books and crayons. Don’t forget Play doh which is another fun way
for the kids to be creative.

4. Your kids’ stocking wouldn’t be complete without tiny stuffed animals.
Who wouldn’t want a cute stuffed animal? Boys love cars so if you’ve got
young boys, stuff their stockings with miniature cars, including the mini
remote controlled ones. You won’t find a shortage of toy cars to choose

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Kids love Christmas Stockings and look forward to waking up on Xmas morning
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