A 72 Hour Emergency Kit Is A Worthwhile Investment

Although it is an unpleasant thought, no one ever really knows when a catastrophe may strike. Tornadoes, hurricanes, or even terrorist attacks all have detrimental results to personal health and safety. Without proper preparation, such as the possession of a 72 hour emergency kit, individuals and their families may suffer substantial harm and loss.

In certain cases, government agencies can provide warnings of coming disasters, which in turn give people the opportunity to properly plan for the situation. However, in certain cases, it is impossible for anyone to provide a warning of this kind, and as a result evacuation must take place in only a few moments. This can lead individuals to make hasty decisions that often have negative consequences.

The fate of those faced with natural or man-made catastrophes primarily depends on individual preparedness. Although information and warnings made available by local, federal, and state agencies are helpful, acting confidently and correctly when an emergency occurs is the best way to reduce personal loss. For this reason, creating one of the aforementioned kits is a wise course of action.

The items necessary for survival after a life-threatening incidents such as a fire, flood, or terrorist attack should be placed in a durable knapsack or backpack. The kit should contain a minimum of one gallon of water a day for each person in the party, as well as a 3 day supply of nonperishable food for each individual. Those packing canned food must remember to bring a tool with which to open each can.

When organizing such a kit, one must not forget to pack a battery operated radio: changes in the status of the situation and regular updates are usually reported by radio. Another important item that should be included is a flashlight. It is essential to make sure that full batteries are available for these items.

Gloves, dust masks, and other protective gear are also ideal objects to add to a kit of this type. Important medications should be placed in waterproof containers. The latter should be childproof as well if youngsters are present, as children are just as apt to become curious about medications when traveling as they would be when at home. It is also a good idea to include a basic first aid kit among the objects one will be packing if evacuation is required.

Blankets and appropriate attire must be included in the kit as well. Clothing that one would wear on a camping trip is typically the best choice. Comfortable shoes and warm socks should not be overlooked either. This is particularly true if the individuals will be outside for long periods during inclement weather.

If possible, the backpack or tote bag chosen should be waterproof. In addition, it should not be difficult to carry and the items it contains should be properly organized. Premade kits of this type can be purchased by those who do not want to try to create one on their own.

In today’s modern world, the importance of preparing for emergencies cannot be understated. If executed properly, such action will prevent harm, injury, and ultimately save lives. For this reason, many families choose to invest in a 72 hour emergency kit.

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