A Brief Analysis Of The Vority Duo34Cc USB Car Charger

When it comes to usb car chargers, Vority has been one of the world\’s recognized leaders. Vority is known to manufacture usb car chargers that are dependable, reliable and affordable.

And with the electronics world continuously improving, Vority came up with another groundbreaking invention…the DUO31CC usb car charger.

When you say port, it refers to the USB port where in you can plug your USB charger for you to be able to charge your cellphone or tablet.

So when you say that two ports are better than one, you are actually referring to a dual car charger which is a charger that you plug directly into the cigarette lighter socket found inside your car\’s dashboard.

It has two usb ports available at your disposal. Having a dual usb car charger allows you to charge two electronic gadgets simultaneously. Be able to charge your iPad tablet and your Nokia Lumia cellphone conveniently.

And if there is one brand of car charger out there in the market that you can truly trust, it is no other than the Vority car charger with model name DUO34CC.

Fact # 3: The Vority car charger is manufactured from materials that are all proven to be fire-proof. This is being done to ensure that charging your expensive tablet of mobile phone is safe with Vority.

Fact # 4: The Vority DUO31CC\’s reliability when it comes to vibration is definitely dependable. There is a special safety feature on the said car charger that permits for the reliable continuous transfer of electrical power from the cigarette lighter plug to the battery of your electronic gadgets.

Before the introduction of the usb car charger, people were forced to bring along with them wherever they go, the individual chargers for every electronic gadget they own. The ratio is actually 1:1 meaning for every electronic device; you need to bring its compatible charger.

And this practice is usually not ideal because it adds weight to your baggage and sometimes causes confusion on what charger is compatible with what particular electronic gadget.

But ever since the usb car charger was introduced in the market, the need for the conventional charger slowly disappeared.

The reason behind this is the fact that most electronics manufacturers are slowly gearing to the use of usb ports for charging, thus the alternative way of charging an electronic device using a usb car charger arise.

Fact # 9: The Vority DUO31CC\’s stylish and compact design makes it highly portable and easy to bring anywhere and anytime you need a car charger.

Fact # 10. The Vority is very affordable. In fact you can order the dual usb car charger online and have it delivered to your home for free for only CDN$ 25.07.

With the Vority dual usb car charger, charging will never be the same again!

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