A Brief GoPro Review To Help You Get The Perfect Companion Outdoors

Take an average compact camera with you while engaging in action-packed outdoor activities and you might end up with a wrecked gizmo. Luckily, there are rugged tools that are specifically designed to capture your most suspenseful endeavors. The following is a quick GoPro review to help you choose the best companion that can catch up with you.

Also known as the Hero, it’s made specifically to be put under a lot of stress. While being designed, the creators had lovers of extreme sports and outdoor activities in mind. The result: a product with strengthened glass lens and polycarbonate case which may be taken on harsh landscapes and under the sea. It won’t slow you down as it is lightweight.

Earlier models can take snapshots with 5MP clarity. These days, the black Hero3 is the latest offering, capable of capturing 12MP still images. All models available come with shutter buttons for the usual way of taking photos. They also have self-timer features so you may be a part of the snapshot. The camera may be set to take pictures at intervals of your preference. It may go on that way until the memory card has no remaining available space or the battery has no more power left in it.

Speaking of the battery, charging it may be done via a standard wall outlet or a computer’s USB port. While charging, go ahead and enjoy using the unit. It’s perfectly fine to take the Hero to your favorite winter activities as it comes integrated with a heating system for the battery.

Whether previously or newly released, these handy and hard-wearing cameras are also capable of recording HD videos. Such feature allows you to show off your adventures on a thrilling first person point of view. Of course crystal-clear moving images won’t mean anything if there’s no crisp audio around. Luckily, the Hero has an integrated sound system too.

Most models already come with parts that allow for easy mounting on helmets, bikes, cars, surfboards, jet skis and others. There are those which require optional parts. You may buy replacement kits to keep your unit in top-top condition. But the mere fact that replacements are around may suggest that the product is not really as indestructible as you think it is.

Your Hero may be used just like any other compact digital camera. But it may appear out of place when you use it during corporate events or weddings. This brief GoPro review is a quick look at what this hard-wearing gadget has to offer.

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