A Few Things You Need To Know About Pet Grooming

If you want to have a pet, it is your responsibility to take a very good care of him. Pet grooming is quite simple for most breeds, but some longhair breeds require special attention. Both cats and dogs require regular brushing and trimming, but there are some other things to take care of. These animals are your new family members, ad you should treat them as such.

The first thing you should do is to find a good vet. This person will take care about regular vaccination, possible health issues and everything else your pet might need. Schedule regular checks, and take your furry friend to see a vet whenever you think that it is necessary.

Make sure to give your pet appropriate amounts of good quality food. It is always advisable to consult the breeder or the vet about this. Another important thing is that your pet gets fresh water every single day, at least once. Sometimes you will need to improve his diet with different food supplements and vitamins.

Bathing shouldn\’t be too frequent, but it is sometimes necessary. If you have a dog, it is recommendable to give him a bath once in every three months. Of course, in the summertime, you might have to do this more frequently, but try to keep this at minimum. In any case, use very mild dog shampoo only.

Cats are usually obsessed with their hygiene, and they shouldn\’t be washed unless really dirty. Of course, if you are interested in shows, this is entirely different situation. In any case, give your cat or dog a good brushing before bathing him. This will remove dirt and dead hair. Use lukewarm water and mild shampoo, being especially careful when cleaning their eyes and ears. Rinse thoroughly.

Use a large towel to dry their coats. You can also use a blow dryer. If your animal is afraid of it, give him a chance to get familiar with this new object first, and it will probably make things much easier. Sometimes nothing helps, and you have to let them dry in some warm room inside the house.

Both dogs and cats need to be regularly brushed. This procedure removes tangled and dead hair, spreads natural oils on their coats and keeps their skin clean and healthy. Long haired pets need daily brushing, some breeds need more frequent brushing only when they shed, twice a year, and when it comes to smooth haired breeds, once a week will be more than enough. Be gentle and every pet will enjoy in this.

Most active animals don\’t have problems with their nails, because they simply wear them down. House pets can have serious problems if you don\’t trim their nails regularly. If your dog has dewclaws, it is advisable to remove them. Consult your vet about it.

Professional grooming services are quite affordable. The problem is to find one really reliable groomer. Experienced groomers know how to deal with animals and always use the best handling techniques. Find yourself a good groomer and your lovely furry friend will be in good hands.

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