A Grab for Popularity: Funny Shirts or Weird Costumes?

Very skinny outfit, with a rainbow colored wig and a pair of stiletto pumps when combined together portrays a weird costume no one would dare wear. But not the daredevil Christina Aguilera. Her weird costume landed her as the worst dresser according to fashion critics. Disappointment flooded the hearts of her fans as they watch her latest music video entitled “your body”. As weirder as it gets, her mini dress is too short you can almost take a peak at her bikinis, that is if she’s wearing one. Her video outline is not even clear and viewers are puzzled with what the video is really trying to imply.

A scenario in the fashion world such as this tells us what we all have to realize: we are what we wear. Our garbs depict our personalities and our moods for the day. What we wear is our statement to everybody. It gives a message to the onlookers. It is but a silent means of conveying what you need to express or what emotions are you dealing with today. Our outfits are our vehicle for communication to the entire world albeit no words are spoken.

Nowadays, celebrities are seen sporting on statement t shirts. With celebs wearing their thoughts on their shirts, fans are always on the look-out for these funny shirts. Each is clamouring to spot hilarious funny messages his idols are wearing, hoping to break the ice in the fan-celeb distant relationship. Lindsay Lohan, after her short stint in the rehabilitation centre, waved to her fans with that black shirt with a short greeting “Hi”. Funny tees for men and cool tees for women are the celebrities’ way of interacting with their fans.

With these funny tees, they are broadcasting their messages. Whether it is a joke or not, celebrities found an effective tool to interact with their followers even if they have not personally talked to them. Funny tees for men and cool tees for women are fast becoming trendy as wearers need to be precise on what they want to say.

Funny shirts are our way of making a style statement impressive and visually appealing. Your choice of clothes, especially for the tees discloses a lot about your character. This is not just for the celebrity to enjoy but for everybody as well. Funny tees for men are mostly with wacky and hilarious slogans while cool tees for women are subtler, displaying their light side.

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