A Look At Different Types Of Private Schools

When you decide that you want to send your child to a private school you are sure to be surprised by just how many there are. You might be surprised to learn that 25% of elementary and secondary schools are private in America. Since there are so many, choosing the right kind can be tricky. There are different types of private or independent schools, such as Catholic schools or other religious schools, day and boarding schools, and so on. Once you understand the differences, choosing the right one is easier.

What, if any, are the differences between independent and private schools? Even though the terms are interchangeably used much of the time, the truth is that they are somewhat different. More often than not, private schools are governed by a larger organizations – a church or religious body, for instance. A prime example of these would be Catholic schools. Independent schools, as the name suggests, do not fall under a larger group such as a Church. Both receive funding in similar ways.

Country day schools, or just day schools, are also often private. They are usually to be found in the suburbs. The kids attend classes during the day. Residential schools and boarding schools provide accommodation for the learners. The two are different, with kids that attend residential schools being able to go home for the weekends.

Kids with special needs can attend a special needs school. Some cater for kids with either learning or physical disabilities, but others address emotional needs as well. If your child has a particular talent they want to focus on, you will also find special needs schools that address this. If this is the kind of school you want to enrol your child in, you will need to be specific about what you are requiring.

Military schools are also available and ideal for kids that fancy a future in the military. With more than 25 military schools around the country you are sure to find one that your child will enjoy. These kinds of schools put a lot of emphasis on team building, patriotism, leadership, and so on.

If you are religiously inclined you might prefer to have your child attend a school that is governed by a religious body. The child is taught about their faith. Some are fairly strict and rigid, while others are less so. catholic schools sydney (also called parochial schools)abound, and your choice will not be too difficult. They are funded by the Church, donations, and through fundraising events.

Other kinds of schools that are considered private or independent would include Montessori schools and Waldorf schools. These two have unique and different ways of providing education. For example, kids at Montessori schools are taught independence and individuality. The classes are not age restrictive, there are no grades, rewards, punishments, and so on. At Waldorf schools kids are encouraged to explore their imagination. Like Montessori schools there are no grades, but attention is paid to music, art, and language.

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