A Person Might Well Ask How In Hell Did This Happen

How in hell did this happen could be the name of a gallery of images showing extraordinary situations. However, the words form an elliptical question. One does not know the answer to what seems to be a question and is therefore tempted to inquire further.

A schoolboy trick is to stop suddenly and stare earnestly up into the empty sky. It never fails. A group soon forms around him and if he is a particularly wicked boy he may point upwards to excite further interest in the group who are all staring at nothing.

This human proclivity is not radically different from the behavior of sheep. A pet lamb, named Alice had been raised without ever seeing other sheep since birth. Its owners thought they would offer some companionship and introduced two other sheep into her field. Never having seen such creatures before Alice took off in alarm and the two strangers ran after her running endlessly around the field until they could run no more.

It is customary for human beings to dismiss instinctive behavior contemptuously, or to admit to it ruefully. Nevertheless it cannot be denied that the sexual antics that go on in bedrooms and increasingly on films represent the life force that keeps the population explosion going. Herd behavior of the fight or flight variety is also at the heart of survival and it is herd animals that are better at surviving than the predators that can tear them apart as individuals.

Although the instinct to be curious about what other people look at appears quite primitive it may be the trait that is behind many enduring institutions and customs. For example, British people who wish to retain a monarchy are apparently in the majority, according to opinion polls. The only logical explanation for this appears to be the herd instinct. Ant and bee queens lay eggs that help to sustain a colony but the Queen lays no eggs and has no political or social functions of any significance. It can only be curiosity that imparts some sort of economic relevance to an outmoded institution and even attracts foreigners to come and gaze curiously.

The Internet is the most astonishingly significant invention of the past several centuries and involves the most advanced technology probably known to man. Despite this it is used by many people driven by the very old need to make a living. In doing so they resort to one of the oldest and most primitive of human instincts, namely curiosity.

A website must have traffic in the first instance. Then the traffic must be converted in profit. Traffic can be attracted by curiosity and if visitors can be encouraged to stay they might notice advertisement and be persuaded to transact business deals.

How in hell did this happen are elliptical words that might persuade people t stop and look for what might be surprising. Then, after looking curiously at one image of a large vehicle crashed in surprising circumstances, they might be tempted to carry on looking curiously at other surprising, incongruous or amusing images. Eventually they might notice a persuasive advertisement and act accordingly.

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