A Project Charter Template Majorly Altered The Way We Do Business

I always dreaded having to do project charters when I was assigned with a project because while they were useful to the people both outside and inside the project, they were always a huge time sink, at least until we got a project charter template. Once this software was in place on my workstation, it was as different as night and day because I was not only more efficient and had more time for real work, but I was actually able to spend some time developing project ideas of my own, which I was then able to suggest to my boss.

This is not to say that getting to where I am now was a simple matter of getting some software, I had to bootlick and ingratiate myself to people in order to convince them that spending a little money in order to save time down the road was a good thing. So, basically, I had to turn my request for a project charter template into my next project, which meant taking a few hours actually making a project charter to present to my boss in order to get the software.

This particular one outlined how I might compare the speed at which a project could be finished by using the software compared to how it could be finished without using the software. I actually poured a lot of energy into this project because I was convinced in my heart that it was going to be the best way for our company to save time and energy.

My presentation went over incredibly well, and my boss actually took me aside and thanked me for my hard work and all my efforts to increase office efficiency as well as to save the company money. The project was a go, and I was put in charge of finding the most cost-effective software, which was easy since I had already learned about it from an Internet search and through some thorough comparisons of the different software available.

Part of my initial presentation also included getting some more software that was going to help us shorten the time we needed to take in making project timelines, another one of my pet peeves. When I had downloaded and installed both of these programs, I was all of a sudden the man of the hour, as everyone was now coming to me for advice on the various projects they were working on. Quickly after I had gotten the software installed, I was assigned another project for which I was able to make both a project timeline and a project charter using the new program, which proved that it was much more efficient and saved me a lot of time.

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