A Short Look At A Valuable Egyptian Antique

A strange symbol known as the Egyptian Ankh was prevalently used by ancient Egyptians. The Egyptian Ankh is very famous compared numerous other symbols of the Egyptian script, namely hieroglyphics. It is quite similar to the popular cross of the Christians, the only differentiating factor being the loop on the upper strip.

There are lots of theories and legends concerning the origin of the Egyptian Ankh symbol. Some suggest that it is the manifestation of sexual symbolism. Others think . that it is a representation of an elaborate bow much in the same manner as the knot of Isis.

Hieroglyphics or the Egyptian scripts describe the Ankh symbol in detail. Some explanations give a detailed picture of the lower part of the Ankh. In fact the lower portion is partitioned to form the two ends of a bow.

The initial samples of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics actually depict the Ankh as being separated from the ends. This is why Egyptologists believe that originally the symbol must have had some of religious significance in the form of a knot.

Egyptology has not yet derived a logical conclusion about the birth of the Egyptian Ankh. Nevertheless, the studies don’t actually confuse us, as the main thing signified by the Ankh is that it symbolizes life. Therefore, in Egypt there is a depiction of many of their deities holding the Ankh symbol which means life.

In a few of the hieroglyphics, a king with an Ankh over his lips is pictured, and it is considered symbolic of the ‘breath of life’. Deeper research shows that this Egyptian Ankh actually provides a symbolic expression of air and water that are mandatory for the existence of life.

Historians have also been able to find a number of anthropomorphic pictures from ancient Egypt. In these pictures the ankh is displayed with an ostrich feather fan that is composed as the backdrop of the picture with the Pharaoh in front of it. This kind of pictures depict a variant meaning of the symbol.

The Egyptian Ankh is represented in a peculiar manner wherein numerous symbols are made to form a chain. This picture of a chain of Ankhs is usually found on water receptacles expressing the powerful nature of water. Objects used for libation during ritualistic activities also display the Ankh.

Another important fact about the Egyptian Ankh symbol is that a lot of items used in their everyday lives, had been intentionally made in the form of the Ankh. Objects that were specially used in royal functions, involving religious rituals were made like the Ankh. However, the common people had either Ankh-shaped objects or just the Ankh picture painted on the object. Mirrors, spoons, sistrums and many crockery items were often Ankh-shaped.

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