Advanced Features Of Pro Desks Enforcer II Car Laptop Holder

The Enforcer II is among the most advanced car laptop holders on the market. Unlike the old laptop desk models, this new product was designed to bolt right to the seat rails and requires no modifications to the car. With this advanced product, Pro Desks easily beats its competitors in terms of product durability and quality.

Users can swivel, tilt or turn the car laptop holder to adjust their laptop keyboard to the right position. The 3 T locking knobs on the product makes it easy to adjust the laptop holder. All you need to do is to loosen one of the locking knobs and then swiveling, turning and adjusting the desktop position is just a piece of cake. After finding the appropriate position, just re-lock the locking knobs and your laptop is ready to be used.

Turning the car laptop holder from side to side is simple because of the help from the strong articulating arm. You can work on your laptop when you are inside or standing outside your car.

The height-adjustable main rod allows easy height adjustment, so finding the right laptop position to match your height is totally possible. Big consoles are fine! This car laptop holder has a strong arm which can be brought up over top so that you can comfortably make any configurations you want. This is a fully-finished car laptop holder so you do not need to purchase any extra items.

Pro Desks Enforcer II car laptop holder is not only attractive for owning great advanced features, it looks great as well. There are professional shock pads on the mount to keep your laptop safe while you are working on a job site. The shock pads absorb shock and vibration.

The Enforcer II car laptop holder does not take up much space in your car. This product was designed to be built in a way which it will not interfere any car seats in your vehicle. This car laptop holder can be turned from side to side so both the driver and the passenger can operate on the laptop. Just turn the mount to where you sit and you are done.

Since it was released, the Enforcer II has soon become the primary choice for people looking to purchase a top quality car laptop holder.

The Enforcer II was produced after its previous model, the Enforcer. These two models are nearly the same, except for the base plate. The manufacturer produced the two models targeting two different usage purposes, which leads to the base plate difference. The Enforcer is normally sought for by the Police, while the Enforcer II was designed to fit the Ford, Dodge, Chevrolet, GMC Trucks.

Normally you get what you pay for. The Enforcer II car laptop holder can be a little bit more expensive than other laptop desks made by competitors. However, the Enforcer II quality is far more better than other product. You can find no other products on the market which were specially designed for rugged usage on harsh job sites like the Enforcer II. Cheap car laptop holders have short life-span, while the Enforcer II works perfectly and lasts for years. This amazing product fits virtually all car models, so you spend once and use the product for the whole life. When you purchase a new car, just remove the mount and install it on the new car using specific tools provided.

Because of these advanced features, the Enforcer II soon becomes the most hunted car laptop holder in the market. People who seek for this product often work in law enforcement, police, EMS, construction and oil fields. The product can also be found in long haul trucks and delivery vans. People love this product because of the rugged commercial usage on a job site it brings. Pro Desks Enforcer II car laptop holder has some additional amazing features such as three year warranty, direct shipping right to your door, custom designed base plate. This great product takes you just few minutes to install and remove using the special tools provided.

In short, no cheap light duty car laptop holders can be compared to the Pro Desks Enforcer II in terms of durability and quality. The Enforcer II is the best option to choose if you are looking for a top quality car laptop holder in the market now. With the presence of this amazing device, your work productivity will be greatly improved.

Pro Desks Canada introduces the latest laptop holder model, the Enforcer II. For more information, feel free to visit their website.