Advantages and disadvantages of Hiring a Headhunter

The biggest question you need to answer before you hire a headhunter to help you with a job search is “are headhunters your friend or foe?” Bear in mind headhunters can be part of a recruiting firm but they don’t work for you – they only work for the company that will hire you. As a job seeker, you want to be at the top of the list of eligible candidates, especially when the job market has become so aggressive.

One obvious advantage of working with a reputed headhunter or recruiting firm is that you have excellent chances of landing in a workplace that is optimal to your skills. Professional headhunters thoroughly grasp the exact standards and consideration of the recruiting firm, therefore, they contact the right group of people.

If you are looking for a job in a specific industry or sector, it is better that you contact a headhunter who specializes in the equivalent area. It is important that the person or recruiting firm you contact has a good notion about the talents of your field. You can then receive valuable information about the company you will presumably join before you are selected. This will also help you get acquainted with the line of work you are about to get in.

You can also hire a headhunter to help you fix your resume. Since you are interacting with a professional service to help you with your job search, you will be charged for this work. You could very well have to pay the fee up front, while some headhunters and recruiting firms ask you to pay only after you get a job. The second option proves to be better in a way that you can continue searching for the job on your own.

If you are looking for a specialized job and you hire a headhunter, you might be deceived with dream jobs that just don’t exist. Thus, you need to be careful when dealing with headhunting services or recruiting firms and before you go ahead with the fee payment.

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