Advantages Of Online Journal Diary

Business transactions in accounting are first made to the journal when they occur. Online businesses which have been on the rise have led to development of web-based books of first entry, online journal diary. Online journals have their merits which will be discussed on this article.

All activities happening on the web-based business are tracked in the journals be it a transaction or just an account update. The journal is updated each time a client login to their account. Online entries are updated automatically after creation of new transaction, modification of a transaction or a delete is made either by the client or third party. Errors which are common in the manual journals do not happen in the web-based entries because they are updated by machine as they happen in real time

Another advantage is that the online journals come with an automatic billing capability when charges from customers are due. They will create invoices and send to them. This reduces your workload of going through all the records of customers and debtors and manually creating and sending billings which is very cumbersome work

The automation of functions can also enhance sending of timely reports to a group of clients through emails. This only needs a few settings on the site such that when a certain time period is reached, the emails are automatically sent to the customers. In manual journals, the function is not possible and the employees have to send the emails manually. This increases the chances of errors and in cases of emergency situations, the information may reach the clients late due to delays.

The locations of your clients will be saved on the web-based journal when they access your business. This is information you can’t get when you are using offline journals since you can’t be asking clients where they come from. Having this information you can know which goods are needed more from which area. This can make you start marketing campaigns on that area on those products which will see your clientele grow meaning more sales and ultimately growth in profits.

With most offline journals you are only able to record one accounts receivable entry and accounts payable entry. This is not the case with journals based online because they will allow for multiple accounts payable and receivable lines. When consolidating accounts payable at the end of a reporting period it is very easy to do that on multiple lines. This is the same for accounts receivable.

In web-based journals updates of transactions are done immediately as they happen unless there is technical error or server error on your site which happens very rarely. The bank transactions are updated immediately too error free. Sometimes hackers can get hold of your site and deface it losing all data in it but with the online journals which update in real time means all data that was in it and had been backed up will not be lost all you need is to use the backup to get back all the information you had.

The list of advantages of online journal entries does not end there. Due to automation of these entry recordings, operational costs of running the business will be lowered. You only need one administrator to be managing the journal.

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