All About the Aztec Indians


Aztec Indians are the interesting ethnic persons of central Mexico who went on to construct the worlds’ greatest as well as the most strong empire. They practically formed a great tribe, clan and nation and achieved pinnacle of splendid grandeur. The Aztec Indians followed a nomadic life and wandering was a second element of their nature. They enjoyed life to the hilt, roaming in the natural wilderness and searched for a best spot for settling permanently.

As per the Aztec mythology, the Aztec God of War and Sun asked the Aztecs to continue finding the best homeland till they came across an eagle with a snake its beak perching on a plant of Nopal cactus. The Aztecs are supposed to have found such an eagle in 1248 in a lake in Mexico’s northern valley. This part was developed as Tenochtitlan, the nerve centre of the Aztec Empire. The Aztec Indians of the Aztec Civilization have already been credited with a lot advancement like building two special systems of calendar, a multifarious mathematical technique along with a captivating kind of astronomy. The Aztec Indians are associated with exciting and glorious history.

Aztec Society

The Aztec Indians had a really nicely defined and rigid social process. The Aztec society was formed of classes- nobility, commoners and slaves. The nobility were called pipiltin and the commoners were generally known as the machehualtin and the peasants usually comprised this second class. The slaves were called tlacotin and held a considerable spot in the Aztec society.

The commoners amongst the Aztec Indians had been referred to as calpulli and they formed interrelated tribes or clans. With the growth of the Aztec Empire, the calpulli tribes formed political divisions in Tenochtitlan. As time passed, the calpulli tribes became independent of each other. The Aztec people elected 4 major officials in each calpulli and one general ruler was chosen of those 4 and he was known as tlatoani. The supreme ruler of the Aztec civilization was called great lord or the huey tlatoani and he was supposed to be successor of Aztec gods and therefore, semi divine. The merchant class was known as Pochteca and enjoyed unique privileges over other commoners. The typical Aztec individuals included the farmers, laborers, soldiers and artisans.

Occupations of the Aztec Indians

Farming and agriculture were prime occupations of the Aztec Indians. Military service was mandatory for all Aztec guys. The Aztec ladies primarily worked at home and took care of the household and loved ones.

Aztec Warriors

The Aztec warriors had been males of great courage and nobility. They fought continual battles to expand the Aztec Empire and the principal goal of the Aztec warfare was to collect prisoners for sacrifices to the Aztec gods.

Language, Cuisine and Religion of Aztec Indians

The language of the Aztec Indians was Nahuatl. The staple food of the Aztecs was maize and they ate Tortillas and tamales. They also consumed some insects. The religion played an incredibly important component in the lives of Aztec Indians. They worshiped numerous gods and goddesses that were associated with elements of nature and human activities. The Aztecs believed in recreation and human sacrifice.

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