An RTRP Exam Course That Helps Keep Cash In Your Wallet

Becoming an IRS Registered Tax Return Preparer requires considerable preparation, and the RTRP exam course provides you with all the components you need to pass the exam. A non-refundable fee of $116 is charged for each sitting of the exam, so those taking it make every effort to pass it and avoid charges from accumulating. But when figures show that the failure rate is over 50 per cent, costs do begin to accumulate with each rewrite.

To avoid not passing, our RTRP exam course provides what you must know, not what you think you should know about tax rules, so that when it’s time to write the exam you are prepared. Studying tax laws and regulations can be complex and confusing at times, but our RTRP exam course provides the important things you need to know and leaves the “clutter” behind.

The suggested reading materials provided by the IRS for taking the exam totals about 750 pages, and even then it’s a partial list. Our RTRP exam course condenses this information while still providing what you need to know to pass the test.

The RTRP exam course is a work in progress as our team of certified tax professionals are continuously updating and refreshing the program to ensure it remains current as tax laws change. The exam tests applicants on current tax rules and regulations, and as our RTRP exam course is updated in real time there is no lag between old and new information. This is an important fact, especially since exam preparation manuals are only updated after a new tax law has come into effect and the exam reflects the change which is then too late. Many of our former students have decided to subscribe to our site as a source of tax information for their job. In order for you to get a complete concept of what we offer, why not visit our website that presents this year’s exam specifications and compare that to our course outline.

To further enhance your confidence in us, we provide our pass guarantee to every registrant that they will succeed in obtaining their IRS certification. Even though our program has been proven that it works, if some other obstacle prevents you from passing the first time, we keep you enrolled in the program at no additional cost until you do succeed. We understand it is time consuming to become a certified tax preparer, which is why our RTRP exam course lets you manage your time at your own pace.

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